2013 ward boundary maps

Ward boundaries changed for the local elections in October 2016. This information is for historic purposes and is no longer current.

Prior to the 2016 election, the six metropolitan Community Boards each had seven members. They were the five directly elected members and two members appointed by the Council, who were the two Councillors elected to the ward in which the community board is located.

The Lyttelton-Mt Herbert and Akaroa-Wairewa Community Boards each had six members, comprising five directly elected members and one appointed member, being the Councillor elected within the Banks Peninsula ward. 

For the six metropolitan Community Boards and the Lyttelton-Mt Herbert Community Board, the five elected members were elected at large across the whole community.

For Akaroa-Wairewa Community Board, three members were elected by the Akaroa subdivision of that community, with the remaining two members elected by the Wairewa subdivision of the community.