In order to build a positive future for Christchurch, the views of children and young people need to be heard. They will inherit the city, and share the benefits or consequences of decisions made today.

Climate change, natural hazards and environmental issues are all long term challenges which our young people will face throughout their lives. Given the intergenerational nature of these issues, young people need to be involved in the decision making process. Young people have shown creative leadership post-quake and made positive contributions to the community through the Student Volunteer Army (external link)and other initiatives. Involving young people in civic matters will provide valuable insights now, and help develop active citizens for the future.

What this means for our district

  • Children and young people are specifically targeted during community engagement on issues which affect them

  • The views of young people are valued and contribute to decisions on long term challenges facing the city (e.g. climate change, natural hazards, environmental, red zone etc.)

  • Youth are engaged with civic matters 

How we are contributing

We are actively seeking the views of children and young people on issues which affect them.

How you can help

Get involved in your community. Get involved with the Christchurch Youth Council(external link) (Rūnaka Taiohi o Ōtautahi). Make submissions on the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan(external link). Let your Community Board(external link) know about the issues you care about. Take advantage of opportunities to give your views on regeneration planning and the future of the city.

How we are doing

Measures are under development.

Further information

Please email for further information.

Liability statement

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