The ultimate objective of economic growth is a sustained, broad-based improvement in living standards for all.

Changes to our Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities

The Council approved a new 2020 strategic framework on 19 December 2019 and this is currently part of the consultation document on the annual plan.

Information on our revised Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities is currently being developed.

Income inequality and insecurity is raising interest in a more socially-inclusive approach to prosperity. As technological disruption and automation bring  change or potential job losses, there is further risk of inequity and insecurity.  

What this means for our district

  • Increasing economic resilience for low-income households.
  • Increased levels of income equality.
  • There is an increase in Christchurch businesses acting in a socially responsible way.
  • Christchurch has a thriving 'social enterprise' sector.

How we are contributing

We're developing a sustainable procurement policy at Council which seeks to ensure social and environmental factors are considered alongside economic factors when procuring services. We provide assistance and advice for those who wish to establish social enterprises which benefit both business and the community.

How you can help

Support businesses which give back to the community. Think about ways in which your business can contribute to the community and a healthy environment.