A strong economy is generally regarded as necessary for improving the quality of life. It is expected that cities will need adaptive, resilient, and more diverse economies in the future to thrive in a rapidly changing global environment.

Changes to our Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities

The Council approved a new 2020 strategic framework on 19 December 2019 and this is currently part of the consultation document on the annual plan.

Information on our revised Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities is currently being developed.

What this means for our district

  • Christchurch has globally competitive businesses driving exports and generating wealth.
  • Christchurch is recognised as the global gateway to the South Island and Antarctica.
  • There is adequate and appropriate land for commercial, industrial and agricultural use.

How we are contributing

Our primary contribution to Christchurch's economic base is ensuring the city has the right infrastructure in place to support a broad-based twenty-first-century economy.

The Lyttelton Port Company(external link) and Christchurch International Airport(external link) are crucial links for trade and tourism. Ensuring good transport links and adequate zoning for different land uses also provides a solid base for the economy.

How you can help

Support businesses in Christchurch.