Public water supplies must meet the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards. The public health implications of contaminated water necessitate the protection of Christchurch’s drinking water.

Changes to our Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities

The Council approved a new 2020 strategic framework on 19 December 2019 and this is currently part of the consultation document on the annual plan.

Information on our revised Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities is currently being developed.

What this means for our district

  • The secure supply of safe drinking water is maintained in sufficient quantities to provide for the community's reasonable needs
  • Water quality in aquifers is protected from the effects of land use
  • Communities demonstrate a commitment to water conservation, promoting water quality

How we are contributing

Temporary chlorination is currently being used to safeguard our drinking water while the necessary remedial work is undertaken. All efforts are being taken to complete the work as soon as possible to allow for the chlorination of our drinking water to end.

How you can help

The remedial work on wellheads will require certain pump stations to be closed off from the water supply network as work progresses in the area. If the community is able to conserve its water use across the city, this may enable several sites to be worked on at the same time while still maintaining an adequate water supply, which may reduce the time in which chlorination is required.