Agricultural equipment facility - 33 and 69 School Road

This publicly notified resource consent application is for an agricultural equipment sales, servicing and training facility, with ancillary activities including office and associated signage at 33 and 69 School Road.

Project status: Open for submission
Open for submission: 23rd September 2021 - 21st October 2021
Reference number: RMA/2021/589
Applicant name: Landpower Group
Site address: 33 & 69 School Road
Description of proposed activity: Land use consent to establish an agricultural equipment sales, servicing and training , with ancillary activities including office and associated signage.
Company: Landpower Group

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Application for land use consent by Landpower Group (the applicant) to the Christchurch City Council to construct an agricultural equipment sales and service facility at the subject site.

The proposal also includes provision for ancillary offices and a dedicated driver and technician training facility, which will utilise the balance of the site to be kept as an open paddock.

The retail component is limited to the display and sale of such machinery, which is, for the most part, imported and not manufactured on the site (although assembly does take place on-site).

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  1. The Council must receive your submission before the closing date and time for submissions on this application.
  2. You must also send a copy of this submission to the applicant as soon as practicable, at the applicant’s address for service.
  3. If this application was limited notified the Council may adopt an earlier closing date for submissions once responses have been received from everyone who was notified.
  4. If you are a trade competitor, your right to make a submission may be limited by the provisions in Part 11A of the RMA.
  5. The Council may strike out a submission (or part of it) in the following situations:
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If you believe there are compelling reasons why your contact details should be kept confidential from other submitters or the public under section 6 or 7 of LGOIMA, please contact the processing Planner for this application prior to making your submission.

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