When making decisions it is important for the Council to understand a range of views. Anyone can make a submission on a publicly notified resource consent application.


Submissions are:

  • Written responses to a publicly notified resource consent application for a development or activity that does not comply with the District Plan
  • Subject to the processes set out in the Resource Management Act 1991.(external link)

Notified resource consent process

Open for submissions

The application is notified in the newspaper and a letter is sent to directly affected neighbours.

The submission period is open for 20 working days.

Analysis & reporting

Council staff analyse the application and all submissions received.

A report is prepared, including a recommendation on whether consent should be granted or declined.

The length of time depends on the complexity of the application and  the issues raised in submissions

Hearing arranged

Applications are heard and decided by a Council Hearings Panel or a Commissioner.

Submitters who want to speak at the hearing will be sent the report and hearing details at least 15 working days before the hearing. 

The applicant’s hearing evidence will be circulated 10 working days before the hearing.

Submitters who wish to bring along a professional person (e.g. traffic engineer) to the hearing, must provide a copy of the expert evidence 5 working days before the hearing. 

If no submissions are received, or submitters do not wish to be heard, a hearing may not be needed. 


When you make a submission you must state whether you would like to speak at a hearing.

This means you present a summary of your submission to the Hearings Panel or commissioner, who may then have questions they would like to ask you.

The applicant also presents their application, and Council staff present their report.

Decision made

After the hearing is completed, the Hearings Panel or commissioner consider all of the information and make a decision to approve or decline the application.

Everyone who has made a submission will be informed about this decision.

The applicant and submitters can appeal the decision to the Environment Court. Information about appeals is sent out with the decision. 

Making a submission

There are several ways to make a resource consent submission:

  1. Online: You can use the online submission form on the Notified Resource Consent applications page
  2. Print: Print out and complete a submission form [PDF, 531 KB]. Printed forms can be emailed, posted, or delivered by hand to a Council office.

Submissions must include all of the information required by the Resource Management Act in order to be considered by the Council. This includes:

  • Your full name, street address, and contact details.
  • Whether you support or object to the application (or parts of it) and the reasons why.
  • What decision you would like the Council to make.
  • Whether you want to attend a hearing, if there is one.

All submissions must be received by the Council before 5.00pm on the closing date for submissions. A copy must also be sent to the applicant. Submissions made using the online form are automatically sent to the applicant. For other submissions, the submitter needs to arrange this themselves.

Hard copies of the application documents and submission form are available by calling us on 03 941 8999.

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