The Future of Heritage - Survey

The Council is looking at what heritage means to us in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula. To help us find out, please answer the questions below.

Project status: Analysis & reporting
Open for feedback: 11th April 2017 - 22nd May 2017

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Family portraits. A burial site. Gothic Revival buildings. A war diary. Tram lines. Traditional food-gathering sites. Band rotundas… Threads from our past create identity.

Heritage remains crucial to Christchurch, despite the loss of many of our historic places and buildings. It’s vital to a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable 21st century city, where we value and cherish our past. Christchurch and Banks Peninsula have a rich and diverse heritage which is a significant part of our district’s identity.

walking forwards, looking backwards

We now have an opportunity to reconsider exactly what ‘heritage’ means to us – now and for the future. It’s a chance to re-engage people with their history and to broaden the current definition of heritage to embrace the more intangible elements: our relationship with the place where we live, and the stories of its people and places.

To pave the way for a change in direction, the Council is keen to work with everyone who wants to help create a shared vision and a new future for heritage. The heritage community needs to explore new ways of working together to create this shared vision. 

Let’s celebrate the essential role of heritage in Christchurch’s regeneration to shape a city where we value where we’ve come from, while embracing our future: ‘walking forwards, looking backwards’.

  To do this we want to find out:

    • What you value
    • Why you value it
    • How we celebrate heritage
    • How we retain it
    • The heritage legacy you’d like to leave for future generations in Christchurch
    • The role you or your organisation could play in the future.
Image of Moncks Cave, Redcliffs

Moncks Cave, Redcliffs

Image of Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum

Image of Heritage Week 2016 - passing on traditions

Heritage Week 2016 

Drop-in sessions

Image of Main Wharf, Akaroa

Main Wharf, Akaroa

Saturday 29 April, 11.30am–2pm
The Gaiety Hall, 105 Rue Jolie, Akaroa

Wednesday 3 May, 4.30–7pm
The Function Room, Christchurch Civic Offices, 53 Hereford Street

Saturday 13 May, 10am–noon
Grubb Cottage, 62 London Street, Lyttelton

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Project status

  • Open for feedback
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Report available
  • Decision made


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Phone Jennie Hamilton on 941 5207 Jennie Hamilton

Phone Jennie Hamilton on 941 5207 941 5207

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