Displays real-time information about Christchurch city.

SmartviewSmartView pulls together real-time data from a range of public and private organisations, making information easy for locals and visitors to access.

SmartView does not replace dedicated apps or sites like Google Maps, Transport for Christchurch, or Metroinfo.

Instead, it combines scattered data into one simple site. Because it is a website, not an app, you can use it in any browser, on any device.

SmartView Christchurch User Guide [PDF, 937 KB]

What do you think?

This is a beta release, so we would love to hear your thoughts on SmartView. Tell us what you like about it, or what you would like to see included.

Email  smartchristchurch@ccc.govt.nz or use the SmartView feedback(external link) section on the web app.