The historic Canterbury Provincial Council buildings are the only purpose-built provincial government buildings still in existence in the country.

Canterbury Provincial Chambers

Canterbury Provincial Chambers

The Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings are treasured by residents and visitors to the city, both for their historical importance and their beauty. The buildings are recognised regionally, nationally and internationally for their great architectural and historical significance.

The Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings, which are significantly earthquake-damaged, have been given the New Zealand Historic Places Trust's highest classification - category 1. They are also listed in the City Plan. Before their closure after the February 2011 earthquake, the buildings were in constant use for weddings, school educational visits and historic tours.

Detailed repair and permanent strengthening options are still being developed. The Department of Conservation and the Historic Places Trust will need to be consulted about repair and strengthening options. 

Stabilisation work has been completed. Investigations indicate that a large part of the facility may need to be re-built. There are also potential land issues.

The main activities currently underway are to repair and maintain both the temporary and permanent weather protection. Protection of the building components and furniture retrieved from the chambers is ongoing.

The objective is to preserve, restore and reconstruct the Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings as a unified complex, letting them remain a living, breathing part of the city for the decades and centuries to come.