Akaroa Museum has now been repaired and strengthened, with fresh exhibitions gradually reopening.

Akaroa MuseumLocated at 71 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa Museum is made up of the main museum complex and three heritage buildings of different ages and construction types.

The main buildings have been repaired, strengthened and partially reroofed. A new climate control system has been installed to ensure optimum conditions for museum collections and new long-term exhibitions are gradually being fitted in the strengthened galleries.

The old Akaroa Court House and the Customs House are currently closed as they undergo repair and strengthening and are expected to reopen in May 2017. The works on Langlois-Eteveneaux Cottage are due to be completed in June 2017.


The museum is one of the Council's priority facilities for repair and rebuild. It was among the facilities it agreed to fast-track repair or rebuild as part of a $40 million funding commitment on 4 September 2014.