Current construction projects map

Christchurch City Council has an ongoing construction programme across Christchurch. This map shows the approximate location of all construction projects underway and planned, along with brief details and comments.

Current and future planned projects across the city include:

  • Facilities: community centres, social housing and heritage buildings.
  • Transport: new and upgraded transport infrastructure (includes road and footpath resurfacing(external link)).
  • Water supply: pumping stations, well heads, reservoirs, mains and sub mains.
  • Wastewater: collection and treatment including pump stations and pipe network.
  • Stormwater: stop banks, drainage, flood control and runoff water quality.
  • Parks and Recreation: gardens, swimming pools and playgrounds.

For all current roadworks across Christchurch, refer to the NZTA planned roadworks map.(external link)

Using this map

Clicking on one of the symbols will give an information box.  Data is updated each night from the council project management system.

The information box provides:

  • Title: the name the project (as known within Council).
  • Activity: the type of work being undertaken.
  • Progress: current project phase i.e. planning, design or construction.
  • Comment: a brief description of the project, or other information.
  • Size: approximate budget (under 500k, 500k - $2M, $2M-$20M, over $20M).
  • Estimated Start: approximate forecast construction start date.
  • Estimated Finish: approximate forecast construction completion date.
  • Project: the ID number of the project within Council.

The symbol location gives a general indication of where major capital works are planned around the city.  Some works span larger areas than shown. For example, the major cycleway projects are shown as point locations but are in fact routes spanning several kilometres.

Only current projects are displayed (and those planned for the next financial year).  When construction is complete, the project will disappear from the map.

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