Cashmere Road Intersection Improvements

This project involves intersection improvement works relating to the Cashmere Road / Hoon Hay Road / Worsleys Road intersection .

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 31st July 2017 - 28th August 2017

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Update - December 2019

Due to the reprioritisation of capital projects in the 2019/20 Annual Plan, it is anticipated works on this project will now start in the second half of next year.

Works will include: 

·        Realigning Hoon Hay and Worsleys Road

·        New traffic lights

·        New cycle lanes

·        A new raised table at the Worsleys Road and Hurunui Street intersection

We know this is a project the community is keen to see start, and we will provide an update prior to works starting. 


Project update - 2018

The Council’s draft Long Term Plan for this year is proposing a change to the construction funding year for the Cashmere/Hoon Hay/Worsleys Road Intersection upgrade project. The proposed change is:

Originally planned 2018- 2019

Proposed in draft Long Term Plan 2019 – 2020

Funding for this project is still available. If the current draft Long Term Plan is approved by Council, it is anticipated that the Project Team would look to start construction of this project in September 2019 instead of in September 2018.

If you would like to provide feedback on this project or any other project in the draft Long Term Plan, before it is finalised, then you can do this online(external link) from 9 March until 13 April 2018.

There is also additional information on the Long Term Plan available on the Council Newsline page(external link).

Construction works are now expected to commence in Spring 2019 and be completed before Christmas 2019.

Consultation has now closed

Consultation on Cashmere Road Intersection Improvements has now closed. People were able to provide feedback from 31 July 2017 to 28 August 2017.

During this time we heard from 186 individuals and groups.

Consultation Feedback is now available. [PDF, 206 KB]

The staff report is now available(external link)

The minutes(external link) from the 7 November 2017 Spreydon Cashmere Community Board meeting are now available.  The report to the Council with the Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board recommendation(external link) is also available.

The final decision on this project was made at the Council meeting on 7 December 2017.  The Community Board recommendation was approved.  This decision can also be viewed online.(external link)


What is this project and why are we doing it?

At the Council meeting on 15 September 2016 the decision was made to fund intersection improvement works at the Cashmere Road / Hoon Hay Road / Worsleys Road intersection. If approved, construction is expected to commence in May 2018.

This project was brought forward by Council due to community concerns around safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists at this intersection. This intersection already has high usage, which is anticipated to increase further when the Christchurch Adventure Park re-opens and with the completion of the Cashmere Estate subdivision.

There are two proposals that we are seeking feedback on, both of these involve realigning the intersection and the installation of traffic lights, along with additional works in some of the surrounding streets. Please refer to the concept plans and option descriptions for more detail on this.

[PDF, 14 MB]

Consultation leaflet

Project objectives

  • To address the current and anticipated future safety issues at this intersection.
  • To address the anticipated intersection capacity increases.
  • To ensure the design meets the needs of all road users 

Cashmere Road / Hoon Hay Road and Worsleys Road

These items are currently proposed.

  • Re-alignment of this intersection so that Worsleys Road and Hoon Hay road link together.
  • The installation of traffic lights.
  • At the Hoon Hay Road and Worsleys Road approach to this intersection two slip lanes are proposed to accommodate the high numbers of left turning traffic.
  • The installation of two new zebra pedestrian crossings within the Hoon Hay Road and Worsleys Road slip lanes.
  • The inclusion of marked cycle lanes near the Cashmere Road / Hoon Hay Road / Worsleys Road intersection.
  • Bus stop relocation from outside 349 Hoon Hay Road to outside 138 Cashmere Road, with the creation of an indented bus stop on Cashmere Road, which will make it safer for bus drivers and for cyclists. This should also improve bus travel times.
  • The removal of the bus stop outside 170 Cashmere Road. There is only a 115 metre difference from this bus stop to the next bus stop on Hoon Hay Road. Removing this bus stop should improve bus travel times.
  • Construction of speed humps to slow traffic outside 4 Worsleys Road and near the Worsleys Road / Hurunui Street intersection.
  • Extended no stopping lines on Worsleys Road, up to the first speed hump. Also along both sides of Cashmere Road on the approach to the intersection, where on street parking has not been proposed.
  • The removal of two trees located within the existing road reserve outside 165 Cashmere Road and two located outside 353 Hoon Hay Road. Removal of the existing low level planting and the re-planting of replacement low level landscape planting at the intersection.
  • Both options involve the relocation of the existing postal box. Option one proposes to move it closer to the Cracroft shopping centre, option two proposes to move it to the opposite side of the road near the on street parking.
  • The removal of the pedestrian island in the centre of Cashmere Road, opposite the Cracroft shopping centre.

Hurunui Street

These items are currently proposed.

  • Replanting of four Japanese Cherry trees at the Hurunui Street / Worsleys Street intersection.
  • Construction of a speed hump to slow traffic at the Worlselys Road / Hurunui Street intersection.
  • Re-shaping works to narrow the Worsleys Road intersection, as a traffic calming measure.
  • Extension of the no stopping lines on the inside bend of Hurunui Street to provide better visibility for pedestrians and drivers.

Mavin Road, Kaiwara Street and Blakiston Road

Proposed work on these streets involves the construction of 14 speed humps along these roads and reshaping of each intersection. This work will help to discourage through traffic from the intersection improvement works.

  [PDF, 7 MB]

[PDF, 7 MB]

Concept plan


What is the difference between both options?

Due to the installation of the traffic lights, there is not enough road space to retain on street car parking on both sides of Cashmere Road.  Therefore the only difference relates to the car parking and whether parking in the vicinity of the Cracroft shopping centre is provided on the north or south side of the road. Currently there are approximately 18 off street parks for patrons use at the Cracroft shopping centre.

Option one

This option includes on street parking outside the Cracroft shopping centre on the north side of Cashmere Road, with no parking on the opposite side of road.

At present on the north side of Cashmere Road, there are ten parks from the Cashmere Road / Hoon Hay Road intersection up to the bridge. Due to the extension of the no stopping lines and the new bus stop this option would reduce the parking spaces along here to four parks.

Option two

This option includes on street parking on the south side of Cashmere Road, outside 161 Cashmere Road for two vehicles, but no on street parking outside the Cracroft shopping centre on the north side of Cashmere Road.

At present on the south side of Cashmere Road from the Cashmere Road / Worsleys Road  intersection up to the bridge there are ten parks. Due to the extension of the no stopping lines this option would reduce the parking spaces along here to two parks.

People walking

The proposed signals and the inclusion of the zebra crossings will make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road at this intersection.

People cycling

The inclusion of cycle lanes and the speed calming measures will create a safer cycling environment for users who are confident cycling in traffic.

Example of the type of marked cycle lanes proposed

People using public transport

Due to the existing bus stops outside 349 Hoon Hay Road and 170 Cashmere Road being such a short distance to the next bus stop, the proposal to relocate and remove these will result in less stops for the bus service, so should improve travel times through this intersection.

Bus stop (circled in red) outside 349 Hoon Hay Road, proposed to be relocated

People driving

The proposal to include traffic lights will assist with the anticipated increase in drivers using this intersection and side streets, so that it can remain functional and safe.

Trees and planting

To improve how this intersection will look visually, there is additional landscaping to be included. Low level planting is proposed at the Hoon Hay Road / Cashmere Road corner and at the Worsleys Road / Cashmere Road corner.  In order to re-align the intersection, there are four trees proposed to be removed.

  • Corner of Hoon Hay Rd / Cashmere Rd, one Field Maple tree (fair condition) and one Flowering Cherry tree (good condition).
  • Corner of Worsleys Rd / Cashmere Rd two Flowering Cherry trees (both in fair condition).
  • There are four trees proposed to be replanted at the Hurunui Street / Worsleys Road intersection.

Two trees (circled in red) and low level landscaping proposed to be removed on Worsleys Road

Two trees (circled in red) and low level landscaping below proposed to be removed on Hoon Hay Road


What happens next

Once the consultation period has closed, the project team will analyse the feedback and produce a staff report which will go the Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board for a recommendation to Council, who will make the final decision.

At this stage we are expecting a recommendation to be made by the Community Board at their October 2017 meeting. The final decision will be made at the next Council meeting in November 2017. If an option is approved, construction is expected to commence in May 2018 and take four months to complete. This is subject to contractor availability and weather and ground conditions.

All submitters will receive written updates on the project, including details of the staff recommendations and meetings, and how to request to speak at the meeting if they wish to do so.

Come and talk to us

If you would like to come and chat with the project team about this project, please come along to the drop in session below.

Date: Monday 14 August 2017

Time: Drop in at any time between 5 pm and 7 pm

Location: Silverbacks Café, Cracroft Shopping Centre, 144 Cashmere Road.

If you are unable to make this session, you are welcome to contact us via phone or email instead.




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