Wainui wastewater scheme

Wainui wastewater reticulation and treatment scheme.

The Council decided through its Long Term Plan to proceed with the final stage of the Wainui wastewater upgrade scheme in 2026 to 2028.

The Wainui Stream water quality analysis and survey of onsite wastewater management systems [PDF, 7.1 MB] found that most of the microbial contamination in Wainui Stream is from birds and cows, with a very small amount from human wastewater.

Community consultation was carried out in March 2015 on three proposed options for the next stage of the project. They were:

  1. A cost-share proposal between the Council and property owners to deliver the project.
  2. Deferring delivery of the scheme, for inclusion in the 2018-28 Long Term Plan.
  3. Proceeding as planned (financial year beginning 1 July 2015).

Stage one of the Wainui wastewater upgrade was completed in May 2013, removing the treated wastewater being discharged into the Akaroa Harbour. The second stage of the scheme, which is the subject of this consultation, is to provide individual properties with a reticulated wastewater system and new treatment plant that will discharge to land.

Consultation on three options for the future delivery of the Scheme took place from 9 March to 30 March 2015.

During the consultation period, 88 submissions were received. All responses were analysed for a report considered by the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee. The Committee made its recommendation which went to the Council on the 23 June for its decision.