The Lyttelton wastewater treatment plant was constructed in 1996 and is located below Sumner Road between the container terminal and the coal stockpile yards of the Lyttelton Port Company.

Wastewater is collected from Lyttelton, Rapaki, Corsair Bay and Cass Bay for treatment at the Lyttelton Wastewater Treatment Plant. The population of about 3000 is predominantly permanent residents.


Wastewater receives primary and secondary treatment within the plant followed by an ultra-violet (UV) disinfection process before being discharged through an outfall pipeline into Lyttelton Harbour. Sludge is regularly removed and transported to the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant for processing into biosolids.

The consent

The main resource consent for discharge to the harbour (CRC 940390A) expires in 2029. The Council has a programme of works planned for completion in 2022, that will see this plant decommissioned, with all of the raw wastewater being pumped directly to the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant. For more information about this please see the Lyttelton Harbour wastewater scheme project webpage.