The Land Drainage Recovery Programme (LDRP) has developed a physical works remediation programme and the current status of the programme is provided within the summary report.

  • The projects forming this programme of works are divided into two streams:
  • Investigation projects
  • Physical works projects.

This report provides detailed information on the current scope, priorities, programme, budget, and risks of the programme. 

Summary reports

An updated summary report is also required to identify and inform on important changes to the programme. This is because the programme needs to be able to operate, in part reactively, due to the changing nature of the rebuild and recovery effort.

Supporting technical information

Reports to support The Multi-Hazard Project for floodplain management.

Open Waterway Condition Assessment: January 2017

To inform strategic planning and asset management decisions under the Land Drainage Recovery Programme, a visual condition assessment and data collection survey of open waterways in the city, focusing on open channel attributes and condition, associated structures, and the five values (culture, ecology, heritage, landscape, recreation).

Dudley Creek Options: August 2015 

Christchurch City Council has decided to progress the Stapleton Road downstream flood remediation option through to detailed design and construction to reduce the risk of flooding in the Flockton area and benefit at least 585 properties.

Dudley Creek Flood Remediation - appendices:

Dudley Creek: June 2015

Download the Dudley Creek Flood Remediation Downstream Options Report and other technical reports.

Mayoral Flooding Taskforce Reports - August 2014