Approval is needed from the Council to connect and/or discharge into our stormwater network.

Under Section 30 of the Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Bylaw 2014, prior written approval is needed from the Council to discharge stormwater into and/or to connect to the Council's stormwater network. This includes but is not limited to: kerb connections, pipes or outfalls into waterways or open drains.

Conditions of connecting

We may impose conditions of connecting to the network based on the requirements of an operative Stormwater Management Plan or a stormwater network discharge consent, which the Council holds from Environment Canterbury. Conditions could include providing onsite rainwater storage to avoid increasing flooding downstream, or a treatment system to remove contaminants from stormwater.


If you are planning a building or development that would use our stormwater network we suggest you get advice early on to take this into account in the design and consenting process. Please contact us at with a description of your proposal.

Before construction commences, Council engineering acceptance must be obtained for stormwater works outside the property boundary if the pipe is 225 millimetres diameter or greater. The drawings will be checked to ensure they comply with the Council's Infrastructure Design Standards (IDS), Construction Standard Specifications (CSS) and any other relevant standards and guidelines, then stamped and signed by a Council officer. More information about this can be found on the engineering plan acceptance for three waters infrastructure web page.

In addition to the permission to connect to the Council stormwater network, we also require stormwater discharge compliance with Environment Canterbury’s regional rules. We hold a number of discharge consents throughout the district, which we may use to authorise the discharge of stormwater into our network. Compliance with relevant consent conditions may require onsite stormwater mitigation (treatment and/or attenuation/disposal). Before a building consent can be issued you must seek authorisation from the Council’s Three Waters and Waste Unit by contacting

If we do not authorise the stormwater discharge under one of our global consents, separate authorisation from Environment Canterbury may be required prior to a building consent being issued. The obtained authorisation must be included with the supporting documents of your building consent application.

This is a separate process to the Building Consent process. Even if your building consent plans are approved, this does not constitute permission to connect or discharge into the Council's stormwater network.