The Christchurch Wheelie Bin Stocktake began in July 2016. It is expected to take approximately three years to complete through Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.

Stocktake 16 January to 10 February 2017 update

To check if your property is part of the current streets the Stocktake Team are working in, you can view the street listing [XLS 35KB] and flyer [PDF 1.7MB] that has been delivered to these properties.

Previous stocktake rounds 

To check if your property has been included in previous stocktake rounds you can view the street listing [XLS 189KB].

Contact us on (03) 941 8999 or with your property address and contact information if your bin has not been tagged over the period advised in the flyer.

Ensure the property's address is on the bin's lid and ensure the bin is placed at kerbside on your next collection day. 

What is the Wheelie Bin Stocktake?

After the major earthquakes, many bins have been misplaced, stolen or damaged. The purpose of the Wheelie Bin Stocktake is to save on the cost of the collection, disposal and processing of material which is paid for by rates and to make sure properties are not receiving additional services above their entitlement as this is unfair to other ratepayers. 

The Council will save $9.3 million net by 2029 when its current contract with Waste Management concludes.

How we are achieving this

Bins are allocated a Radio Frequency Identification tag (RFID). RFID tags identify the property a bin is allocated to, allowing for a more efficient service. Waste Management is carrying out this stocktake. This will involve:

  • Installing an RFID tag to the wheelie bins allocated to your property 
  • The stocktake will take four to six weeks per collection run 
  • Bins without a RFID tag will be removed or no longer able to be emptied
  • The stocktake will take approximately three years to complete city-wide

What you should expect 

When the stocktake is taking at your property you will receive a flyer in the mailbox. The flyer includes instructions on what you need to do.

These instructions are:

  1. Write your address on the lids of the set of bins used at your property. Permanent marker or any marker that will not get washed off by rain is acceptable. 
  2. Ensure all 3 bins are at kerbside by 6am on your collection day and remain till 6pm even after the collection truck has been.
  3. Please continue to place all 3 bins at Kerbside for the advised timeframe ( between four to six weeks) on your collection day until the bins have been tagged. 
  4. Place any surplus bins you have at kerbside to be removed.
    If you have an enhanced recycling service (two recycling bins), your address should be written on both recycling bins. The stocktake team will be aware of this enhancement. 
    If you are missing wheelie bins, at any time you can report your lost stolen or missing bins.

A small reflective sticker will be placed on bins that have been tagged. 

Bins that are not at kerbside will not be able to be tagged.
Bins without tags will not be collected after the stocktake is completed at your property.

Note: If you use the Assisted Kerbside Collection Service, you do not need to follow these instructions. 

For further information, contact us