Is your property fully secure to prevent your dog from wandering? Dogs can, for example, push out loose fence palings to escape.

Report a problem with a dog

If you are reporting a dog attack or an aggressive/rushing dog call us on 03 941 8999 (24/7) for immediate assistance.

Dog owners have a legal responsibility to the community to prevent their dog from wandering. Dogs will behave differently in unusual or unfamiliar situations, or when they are with other dogs. The owner of any dog found wandering uncontrolled could be issued with an infringement offence notice or other action.

Dogs that wander have a short life span

Wandering and uncontrolled dogs can cause all sorts of problems in our community, including causing a hazard on the roads, threatening people's safety and being a nuisance to the community. Dog owners are reminded that they have a responsibility to contain and control dogs to prevent these types of issues occurring.

Wandering and uncontrolled dogs are also at risk of being involved in motor vehicle accidents. That is bad enough, but under S63 of the Dog Control Act 1996 you may well be liable for the damage caused by your dog's wandering eg damage to a vehicle or property.

Wandering dogs upset the neighbourhood

Dog owners shouldn't assume that their dog just wanders next door and is welcomed by other people. That is often not the case at all. Containment of dogs is a serious responsibility, so owners are urged to ensure their dog is well controlled and not allowed to wander.

If you have a problem with repeated dog nuisance you should contact the owner in the first instance if appropriate, or the Council on (03) 941 8999 to have the matter investigated.