Where stock or poultry are found wandering without control on a road or in a public area, the Council may be called to contain or impound the stock. If you have lost or found stock please report the animals, by phoning (03) 941 8999.

The Council’s Animal Management team operates and maintains pound facilities for the impoundment of stock and provides a service for seizure, impoundment and termination of trespassing and wandering stock.

Unclaimed stock

Unclaimed impounded stock are auctioned, usually on Fridays. Auctions may be infrequent and are dependant on the number of impounded animals. Auctions are advertised through a public notice in The Press at least a week prior to the auction. Auctions are also displayed on the notice board outside the stock pound.

Pound location

10 Metro Place, Bromley, Christchurch(external link)

Opening hours

Day Hours
Monday to Friday 1pm-5.30pm
Saturday 11am-1pm
Sunday and public holidays Closed

Impoundment fees

Fees payable for the release of livestock include all costs incurred by the Council in the impounding of the stock and the associated pound and seizure fees. Fees indicated are set by Council but the actual costs for the release, including all costs incurred by the Council, will be advised when they have been tallied. Fees are per animal and sustenance costs are per day.