Coastal Christchurch and Banks Peninsula faces tsunami risk.

Review of the Tsunami Response in Christchurch City on 14 November 2016 [PDF 1MB]

Tsunamis are categorised into three groups

Local source tsunami and regional source tsunami
Generated from a large earthquake around, or near, New Zealand. The chances of a local source tsunami is low however it is important to know that if one does happen you must evacuate immediately as you may only have a short time frame.

Distant source tsunami
Generated from a large earthquake a long distance away such as South America or Alaska. This is the biggest tsunami risk to the Christchurch coastline, however, there will be time to issue an official warning and several hours to evacuate areas at risk.

Warning signs

Look out for the warning signs 

Check out www.happens.nz(external link) for what should be your emergency getaway kit.


Tsunami evacuation zone maps and evacuation information.

Be prepared to evacuate

Residents and business in the coastal evacuation zones should have plans in place for an evacuation.

Tsunami warning systems

A network of tsunami sirens is installed along the coastline from Brooklands to Taylor's Mistake.