The following Rules of Use (Conditions of Entry) apply to all Recreation and Sport Centres and Summer Pools. Some centres may have additional Rules of Use on display that you also must abide by.

We look forward to welcoming you at Christchurch Recreation and Sport Centres. The following rules of use apply:

Our Recreation and Sport Centres are smoke and vape free. Smoking is not permitted on our premises at all times. No glass is permitted at any Recreation and Sport Centre.

You must not carry out any offensive, threatening, inappropriate, dangerous or illegal activities on Council Recreation and Sport Centres’ premises, and you must comply with the Council’s health and safety requirements, including those directed to your own health and safety. Our decision as to what constitutes an offensive, threatening, inappropriate or dangerous activity will be final and binding. We may immediately suspend your membership and exclude you from all Council Recreation and Sport Centres for a period of time which we in our discretion consider reasonable.

Photography is prohibited within the change room facilities at all centres. Any person that takes a photo in any other part of the centre will be required to ensure no other users are in the photo, unless express prior permission is granted. Staff may, at their discretion, ask to see any photographic device for inspection if this rule appears to have been breached.

Alcoholic beverages must not be taken into any Recreation and Sport Centre and anyone deemed to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be allowed entry. Visitors and participants must behave themselves in a manner that is socially acceptable to other users and to staff.

Glassware is not permitted for safety reasons. Please consider bringing recyclable food and beverage containers.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry and suspend membership to any person who doesn't follow these rules of use.

Supervision at our pools

It is important that children get the appropriate level of supervision when they visit the pool. 

  • Children between the ages of zero to four must be supervised by a responsible caregiver aged 16 or older who is also in the water. The caregiver must be within arms reach of the child at all times.
  • Children between five and seven years old need active supervision. This means you are watching the child you are responsible for, you are able to hear them, they can hear you at all times and you are able to provide immediate assistance if needed.

Using our wristbands

From 6 December 2022, children and their caregivers will be issued wristbands when visiting Christchurch City Council pools to help lifeguards identify young children and work with their caregivers to ensure they are being appropriately supervised.

Wristbands are given out at the front desk when you pay to enter the pool:

  • Parents or caregivers who are supervising children under the age of five will be given orange coloured wristbands.
  • Children aged five to seven years old will be given purple coloured wristbands.

  • We know that children can get into trouble faster than adults and we need to work as a team to help them quicker if that happens.
  • If you are a member or have a multi-visit card you can collect a wristband from the stand on the way into the pool. If you forget, our lifeguards will have them on hand.
  • Please return them to the stand after your visit so they can be reused.

Supervision at our centres

  • From Monday 16 January 2023, children under 12 years old will need to be accompanied by a responsible caregiver 16 years or older at our facilities unless the child is attending a supervised programme or activity such as a club event or Swimsmart lessons.
  • Parents and caregivers will be responsible for the child, will determine the correct area of the pool for the child to be in and provide the correct level of supervision for their age. We also expect the parent or caregiver to be available if our staff need to manage bad behaviour.
  • The minimum age remains 16 to use our fitness centres and 14 to participate in group fitness classes.

All centres open at 1pm on Anzac Day and are closed on Christmas Day. Some variation in opening hours may occur over the Christmas/New Year period and a reduced Group Fitness timetable will operate over this time. These factors were taken into account when fee schedules were made.

Opening hours will be displayed on the website and at all Recreation and Sport Centres.

At times we may have to or choose to close parts or all of our Recreation and Sport Centres for repairs, general maintenance, refurbishment, health and safety or Civil Defence emergencies. In the event of a planned closure for a period of more than 2 days where the period of closure spans that centre’s normal opening hours, we will endeavour to provide facilities within another Council Recreation and Sport Centre for this period.

We may provide, in our discretion, a voucher or credit for any such period.

When a continuous alarm sounds, or if instructed to do so by staff, please proceed to the nearest exit immediately, or otherwise as directed by staff and/or automated system.

You will not be permitted to re-enter until clearance has been given.

Prior to using a fitness centre, you are required to complete a Health and Wellness Questionnaire. 

Please be aware that at peak times, the fitness centre can be busy and you may occasionally have to wait to use equipment. We can advise you about busy periods.

You must be aged 16 years or over to enter and/or use a fitness centre, unless medical and facility clearance is given. You must be 14 years or over to attend group fitness classes. Children are not permitted in fitness centres or group fitness studios. 

You must wear closed toe sports shoes and appropriate clothing at all times. For hygiene reasons you must exercise with a towel.

Only Recreation and Sport Centre staff and other approved personnel are allowed to operate in a professional capacity within our fitness centres and group fitness studios. Fitness instructors have the right to correct, modify or ask you to refrain from doing any exercise which the instructor may deem hazardous to yourself or others’ safety.

Please be courteous to other fitness centre users by replacing weights after use.

For all classes you are required to swipe your membership card at the customer services desk and collect a coloured card. This card is to be handed to the instructor at the beginning of the class.

To ensure the safety of all participants, maximum numbers have been set for all classes. We encourage you to arrive early to avoid missing out.To avoid disruption to classes, if you are more than 5 minutes late you may not be permitted entry.

Our group fitness timetable changes from time to time based on class popularity and to meet the ongoing needs of our customers. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the same instructor every week. Please check our website or the group fitness timetable displayed at the customer services desk for the latest information.

Spin classes (indoor cycling classes) are included in your fitness and multi membership.

Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance and payment is required in full to reserve your space.

There will be no refunds on pre-purchased Spin cards within 30 minutes of the class start time.

As a Fitness or Multi Member you will receive a Personal Programme as part of your membership package.

During your appointment, one of our qualified Fitness Instructors will work with you to set health and fitness goals, take your blood pressure, take measurements where appropriate, and will design and show you through an individualised programme.

You are entitled to book in for a new personal programme appointment every 12 weeks. This will ensure your workout stays fresh, and will give you the opportunity to track your progress and set new goals.

Personal programmes over and above this are available to purchase. Please don’t hesitate to approach a fitness instructor at any time if you have questions about your fitness programme.

If you need to cancel your personal programme appointment, you are required to give 24 hours’ notice.

Pre-schoolers (aged under five years) must be accompanied by a caregiver over the age of 16 years in the pool at all times; the caregiver must be wearing an orange wristband. They must remain within arm’s reach and under constant supervision. One adult may accompany up to two preschoolers in the pool at all times. This includes before and after Swimsmart lessons.

Children still in nappies are required to wear swimming nappies. These are available for purchase from the Customer Services desk.

Children between the ages of five and seven (inclusive) must be wearing a purple wristband and actively supervised by a responsible caregiver over the age of 16 years who is to be within the pool area at all times (and able to provide immediate assistance). This includes before and after Swimsmart lessons.

You must be aged 16 years or over to enter and/or use the sauna or steam room. 

Spa pools are restricted to 3 years and over, except Taiora QEII which is 16 years or over.

Spa, steam and sauna use is limited to 15 minutes and users should drink plenty of water, have eaten, and be in good health.

Pregnant women and those with blood pressure or other medical conditions should seek medical advice before using the spa, steam or sauna rooms

To ensure safety and hygiene is maintained swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear that is clean and does not impair their ability to swim.

In the interest of public health, if you or your child has had diarrhoea or vomiting in the last 2 weeks, or have open sores or wounds, please do not enter the water.

Booking enquiries for exclusive use of lanes by groups, clubs, associations and individuals can be made by emailing or phone 03 941 6446.

Lanes are graded to accommodate different swimming speeds. Please check the sign located in front of each lane to ensure you select the best match for your ability.

During peak times public lane swimming may not be available at all centres.

Please check the website or at the Customer Services desk at your local centre for further details.

Designated lanes are usually available for aquajogging at Graham Condon, Taiora QEII and Te Pou Toetoe: Linwood Pool; they are occasionally available at Jellie Park.

We offer a range of water based fitness classes across our Recreation and Sport Centres.

Class descriptions and timetables are available on our website or from our customer services desk.

Participants must be over the age of 14.

There are a range of swim education classes for all ages (6 months to adult), levels of ability and areas of interest. Children must hold a Swimsmart membership to register into classes. Adult classes are included in Pool or Multi Memberships or can be booked on a casual basis up to one week in advance.

Children who are five years old or older will be required to complete an initial assessment prior to registering for Swimsmart classes to ensure placement in the correct level. Once registered, assessments will occur on an ongoing basis. When it is time to progress to the next Swimsmart level, our poolside supervisor will inform you. If there is no space available that suits your schedule, the student will be placed on a waitlist and extended in the existing level.

Our Swimsmart timetable changes from time to time based on enrolments to ensure we meet the ongoing needs of our customers. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the same instructor every week. Please check our website or ask at the customer services desk for the latest information.

In the event of an unplanned pool closure, Swimsmart classes will be transferred to another pool. If space does not permit, Swimsmart may choose to conduct lessons out of the water or apply a credit to your account.

Stadia, pools and meeting rooms

Indoor courts, stadia, pools and meeting spaces are available for hire by groups, clubs, associations and individuals including for birthday parties. Booking enquiries can be made by emailing or phone 03 941 6446, stating the facility you wish book a space at.

General rules of entry to a Recreation and Sport Centre will apply for all court/stadia space and appropriate sportswear must be worn. Booking terms and conditions and cancellation policies will be included with your booking confirmation.