Pool, fitness centre, group fitness and equipment hire fees as at 1 October 2016.

Pool and swimsmart lessons

Fitness Centre

A 25% discount is available to Community Services, KiwiAble leisure, Cando, and NZ Supergold card holders.

Minimum age of clients in our fitness centres is 16 years. 

A fitness assessment is required for single-entry casual users on the first visit.

Type Price



10 concession card (valid for 1 year)


 Fitness assessment


Group fitness

Non members are welcome to attend our group classes and centres by paying our casual fees.

Type Price

Casual class


10 concession card (valid for 1 year) 


Equipment hire charges

Hire equipment is available for use at some of the Recreation & Sport centres. Enquiries can be made at the centre's reception.

Type Price




$2.00 for 3 hours or $3.00 for 5 hours

Togs (all sizes, men's, women's and children)



No longer available

Rash shirts

No longer available

Basketball / Volleyball (Pioneer & Graham Condon)


Table Tennis bat or ball (Pioneer)


Table tennis table (Pioneer)

$10.50 per hour