Give your child a head start these school holidays.

Build your child’s confidence in the water during the school holidays with the Swimsmart school holiday programme.

Holiday lessons are a great opportunity for school-aged children to rapidly improve their swimming skills and burn some serious energy.

Children new to the Swimsmart programme can start their swimming journey with us - no prior experience is needed. For children who already attend our lessons, we will further build on what they are already learning to super-charge their progress.

Your child will be taught seven key skills throughout the programme:

  • Water safety and awareness
  • Entering and exiting the water
  • Submersion (going under the water)
  • Personal buoyancy (floating on the water)
  • Orientation (rolling and turning in the water)
  • Propulsion (moving through water)
  • What to do in an emergency (safety of self and others

Class descriptions

Availability for these classes changes from term to term. Please contact to find out what's available.

Lessons run in parallel with school holidays. 

This a 60-minute clinic, which works on improving your children’s breaststroke technique. In this clinic, we focus on all aspects of breaststroke, from breaststroke kick to learning about correct timing.

This is a great opportunity for children in levels  Marlins, Bronze, silver and silver extension to build their confidence and fine-tune what they already know about breaststroke.

This is a 60-minute clinic where we prepare swimmers for upcoming school swimming sports.

In these sessions, we cover correct starts, diving, turns and finishing touches as well as other aspects of what to expect when competing.