Wedding bookings and enquiries

Wedding booking requirements differ for each park and garden.

Botanic Gardens and Mona Vale

For Botanic Gardens and Mona Vale enquiries please read the following information and use the form at the bottom of this page. After your enquiry has been received, staff will check availability and contact you to arrange payment. Bookings can only be confirmed with payment. When booking for the Botanic Gardens or Mona Vale you must read and agree to the relevant terms and conditions:

Other gardens, parks and beaches

For all other locations including gardens, parks and beaches, please contact us.

Time limits

Bookings are limited to a maximum of three hours (includes pack-in and pack-out time). Other ceremonies may be booked before or after your event. Allow at least 30 minutes either side of your ceremony. 

Rehearsal times are not included in your booking arrangement.

Fees for wedding and civil union ceremonies

  • Botanic Gardens and Mona Vale: $150
  • Garden and heritage parks: $100
  • Urban parks: $70
  • Beaches and Banks Peninsula parks: Free (but must be booked)

Enquiry form

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