Parks Filmfest

Congratulations to our winners. Watch their videos and be inspired to visit their favourite parks.

First place

Joel (10 years) and Kayleigh Patterson (8 years) who showed us why they love St Albans Park.

Second place

Lily (7 years) and Ruby Wilton (9 years) and Nevaeh Elliot (9 years) who took us around all the cool spots at Woodham Park.

Third place

Alice Zhang (7 years) who took us on an amazing tour of Halswell Domain.

If you want to make your own film like our winners, here's some easy tips how!

  • Map out how your video will look by creating a storyboard – write and draw the beginning, middle and end. 
  • Keep the script simple for you and your actors.
  • You don’t need a fancy camera. A phone or tablet will work just fine.
  • Free editing programmes like Windows 10 Photos App Editor, iMovie on the iPad and Filmora are easy and intuitive for children to use.
  • Make use of the studio and editing software available at Tūranga.(external link)