Over four nights come and see a fairyland of talking trees, disco lights, music, dancing lights, interactive lighting displays, smoke and bubble machines.

It all culminates in a special Saturday night grand finale, with a family movie on the big screen, light display, music from local bands, with a special appearance by the Rangiora Brass Band, and food, drink, attractions and a licensed bar.

Tickets purchased can be used on multiple nights.

Some of the fantastic lighting displays

Grand Entry
An entrance cube when you first come into the park. With fairy lights as a canopy and on the sides so you can walk amongst and under the stars

Pixel Strips
A very cool new technology called Pixel Strips which take video content and colour and provide amazing effects. You can go into the band rotunda for photos and when the bands are playing on Saturday night. It will be very cool.

Floating Gobos 
Moving gently and then quickly across the grass and into the trees. Children can follow them and chase them around and generally let off some steam. Straight from the popular Christchurch Lit event. Kids big and small love chasing these. 

Talking Trees
A beloved favourite from Botanic D’Lights. People love the animation of living trees and seeing them talk to each other. The two trees talk to each other and make bad tree jokes.

Tree Lighting
Bringing more colour into Victoria Park.  Uplighting and highlighting the beautiful trees in Victoria Park, creating a magical place in the heart of Rangiora.

Kinect Structure
Let’s get interactive. Using a huge led screen with a Kinect camera. You can stand on a small stage and interact with the screen. Bouncing balls or fire, people moving their arms or bodies to control the content on the screen.  

Fireworks lights
Strip lights throughout the park, planted in the gardens. Red and blue colours that look just like fireworks.

Outdoor Nightclub 
Using moving lights, a mirror ball, haze, smoke, bubbles, we can transform part of Victoria Park into a disco. Great sounds, a dance area, all so you can have a dance with your friends and families – creating memories for the future.

Saturday Night Grand Finale - Movie and Band Night
Starting in the early evening, we will play a family-friendly movie. After the movie is finished, it will be getting dark and all the lighting installations from the week will come to life.