A group of new artists working in glass, metal, furniture, wood, paint, paper, photography, ceramics, recycled materials, canvas and sewing. Each group member is passionate about ethics and ecology.

The artists joined together to broaden their individual artistic expressions with a shared focus on valuing and honouring materials, re-use wherever possible, and strengthening their skills, as well as sharing ideas, humour, and finding new solutions.

Featured artists

  • Mary Latimer
  • Selma Karsten
  • Hannah Dent
  • James Lewis
  • Anne Spicer
  • Denni Cressey
  • Susan Dent
  • Tamara Rookes
  • Juergen Esperschuetz
  • Justine de Spa

Opening night

  • Monday 6 May, 5:30pm to 7pm