21 Sep 2017

With Sunday marking the start of daylight saving Christchurch residents living near the coast are being urged to think about how prepared they are for a tsunami.

The tsunami warning sirens installed along the coastline between Brooklands and Taylors Mistake will be tested on Sunday morning as part of a biannual exercise.

The sirens will sound at 11am for up to three minutes and can usually be heard a few blocks from the coastline.

A tsunami warning siren.

Christchurch's tsunami warning sirens will be tested on Sunday.

Christchurch City Council Acting Head of Civil Defence and Emergency Management Murray Sinclair said the testing of the sirens was an opportunity for people to check if they were in a tsunami evacuation zone.

"If you live near the coast it is important to know if you're in an evacuation zone and the best way to get out,'' Mr Sinclair said.

"For Christchurch, the risk of a local source tsunami compared to a distance source tsunami is low. If a local source tsunami occurs, we will not have time to activate the sirens so remember 'long or strong, get gone'.

"One of the best natural warning signs is the earthquake itself,'' Mr Sinclair said.

"If you experience a storng earthquake that is difficult to stand up in or lasts for a minute or more you should immediately move to higher ground.

“If you are in a tsunami evacuation zone it is important that you discuss a plan with your family. Think about having a get-away kit with essential items you might need if you have to evacuate in a hurry,’’ Mr Sinclair said.

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