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Global Settlement set to be finalised

The Global Settlement, which will provide clarity on outstanding matters from the Crown and Council’s 2013 Cost Sharing Agreement, will be finalised in August.

Wigram basin extension lowers Heathcote flood risk

Flood protection work in Christchurch’s southwest has lessened the risk of properties near the Heathcote flooding and created a new wetland area and walking tracks for the public to enjoy.

What's on in Christchurch this weekend

This weekend you could enjoy a free family movie, visit the South Island's biggest art show, go to the theatre or take part in a community tree planting day. Which one will you pick?

Council meeting to finalise 'no surprises' budget

A budget that focuses on delivering core services while keeping rate rises to lower than signalled in the Long Term Plan will be considered by Christchurch City Council next week.