If you are looking to host an event in Christchurch in the future, or have an idea for an event - Save the Date of the event, with Christchurch City Council.

Save the Date is intended as an early registration process for you to get in touch with an Events Advisor to discuss your event and the possibility of holding the event in the desired location or the with the desired infrastructure.

It's also a great way to register your interest in using a high use public space at an early stage.

By submitting a Save the Date form:

  • We will allocate your event to an Event Advisor who will be your one point of contact with the Council
  • We will add your proposed event into our events calendar.
Date/s of event

Please note: 

  • High use public spaces include Central City spaces such as Cathedral Square and North Hagley Park which are generally fully booked during the peak season up to a year in advance. You can Save the Date of your proposed event up to two years in advance and begin conversations with Council this early on.
  • Once you have submitted the form, your Events Advisor will provide you with any advice and support with your event.
  • If you are proposing to use public land, you will be advised of the availability, suitability and any processes you will need to follow including the Event Permit Application process, which is required for all events on public land.
  • There will be a push out to major event organisers on our database to Save the Date of their upcoming events twice annually to make sure our calendar is as up to date as possible. The city's events calendar is useful in annual planning of all events for organisers as it allows Council to provide accurate advice to prevent date clashes and highlight less busy periods of the year.