Permits are required for events where infrastructure, cars, amplified sound, food vendors etc. will be present.

Please read through Running an Event before completing this form.

This application does not guarantee availability or booking of the site and does not give approval for the event.

You are required to accept the Terms and Conditions before applying.

To discuss your event with our Events Development Advisors either email or contact us on 03 941 8999. They will guide you through the process to insure your event’s safety and success. The event organiser is able to propose changes to the event permit application and shall do it no later than 10 days prior the event.

Please submit your application with enough time for us to process your application and to assist you in delivering a safe and successful event.

Event type Event parameters Application notice required
Low Impact  Simple event with no road closures or multiple park use, minimal infrastructure, for example small community fair or gatherings. 10 weeks (minimum)
Medium Impact Attendance of 4000 to 10,000 people, partial road/footpath closures and public transport disruptions or large infrastructure requirements, food and beverage trading. For example, public fun runs, music events with stages. 10 weeks (minimum)
High Impact Attendance of over 10,000 people, road closures, multiple event sites, large infrastructure builds. For example, large fun runs, music events, parades, festivals etc. 6 to 8 months

Christchurch City Council acknowledge the positive contribution events make to the city by supporting a number of initiatives, including grant funding. More information about community funding.

Contact information
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Event information

Please email your proposed site plan. Include: entrances/exits, water access, toilets, generators, onsite parking, stages, marquees, gazebos, etc.

Equipment and activities
Please tick each of the following you plan to have at your event.
Please describe any sale or distribution of goods, flyers, services, collecting money etc. Include all stall holders and details.
Are you planning to fly a remotely piloted aircraft system (drone/UAV) over Council property (e.g. parks, playgrounds, sports grounds, reserves) during your event?
Waste: The applicant is responsible for the appropriate removal of all waste from the event location
Are you planning to restrict the pedestrian or vehicle traffic flow in some way during your event?
Do you need to alter road parking?
Utilities required - select as many as apply
Would you like to request the use of the Council's Smokefree signage, free of charge, to assist in the promotion of Smokefree in Public Places?
Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance cover might be required for events run on public land to protect the event organiser against claims made by a third party for damage to assets.

Your Event Development Advisor will discuss this requirement with you.

Health and Safety

Event organisers have a duty of care to provide a safe operational environment under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015. Under this legislation, event organisers must ensure so far as reasonably practical that people are not exposed to risks arising from the operation and any place where employees and self-employed persons work is safe. Proactive attention by event organisers may be achieved by a process of identification, assessment and control of safety risks. In some circumstances, there may be several parties who owe a concurrent duty of care. It is important that safety is comprehensively managed and communicated by and between all relevant duty holders.

Upon application, your Events Advisor will notify you of the Health & Safety requirements for your event.

Health and Safety Management plan(external link) information.


The organiser shall pay to Christchurch City Council fees to be advised on submission of application by the Events Development Team.

Please note your administration fee is non-refundable.


The information collected in this form will be used to ensure the effective facilitation of your event/activity. It will be distributed to other council departments, external agencies and will be used for public information as required.