The ever-popular food trucks are now in Cathedral Square every Friday, from 11am.

Friday Food Trucks are back and you're invited!Friday Night Food Trucks

The Summer of 2014-15 attracted more than 1,000 people every Friday night back in to the heart of the city. Thanks to this success and building on the popularity of the Commons Food Trucks over the winter, the Friday Street Food Market will now be back in the Square every Friday from 11am, with things in full swing by 4pm in time for people to stop by after work.

Carolyn Ingles, Urban Design and Regeneration Unit Manager says, "Friday Night Food Trucks is a fun activity that provides a great reason for people of all ages to come into the Central City, see the progress being made and see how Christchurch is being reshaped, restored and revitalised."

"Come, eat, relax. Let the kids enjoy the fair-like atmosphere that gives our Central City a warm and friendly feel. Make Cathedral Square your backyard each Friday night. Just come, bring the family, meet up with your friends - you won't be disappointed," Ingles says.

Some of the trucks you might see include: Mamacita's, Rodi's Spice Fusion, Rollickin' Gelato, Sherpa Kai, Ceylon Kitchen, Fritz's Wieners, Kiwi Churros, Transylvanian Delight - Chimney Cakes, Tiki Taco, All Thingz Nice, Liberty Foods, Lettuce Eat, Five R's Pinoy Food, Dorothy's Pop Up Tea Rooms, Street Food and Spring Potato