Target water


Simple steps to target water

  1. Calculate your Water Consumption
    • Record daily, weekly and monthly water meter readings
    • It is advisable to record and monitor water use before you set up your water efficiency programme, because this will give you a baseline to measure your progress against
  2. Carry out a water audit
    • Highlight areas where water can be saved
  3. Install water efficient appliances and fittings
  4. Find and fix leaks
  5. Fully load dishwashers
  6. Install a 'toilet dam' if you do not have a dual flush cistern
    (fill a 1.5L plastic bottle with water and place this inside the cistern to reduce water use)
  7. Use garden irrigation sparingly and water in early morning or evenings
  8. Reduce flow speed of taps with water saving nozzles
  9. Plant native plants as they usually require less watering
  10. Install a rain water collection tank for irrigation and/or for toilets


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