Target energy


Simple steps to target energy

  1. Calculate your Energy Consumption
    • Record readings on electricity, gas and fuel meters
    • Check readings against invoices
    • It is advisable to record and monitor your energy use before you set up your energy efficiency programme, because this will give you a baseline to measure your progress against
  2. Carry out an energy audit
    • Highlight areas where savings can be made
    • Assess ways to improve productivity
  3. Turn off powered equipment when not in use
  4. Reduce artificial lighting by opening window blinds and cleaning windows
  5. Turn off lights when not needed and after business hours
  6. Use energy-efficient light bulbs
  7. Use timers on air conditioning units so they can turn off outside normal business hours
  8. Weather and draught-proof your building
  9. Install vacancy or occupancy sensor lights


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