We can all make a difference at home by reducing waste, being energy and water efficient, shopping wisely, travelling smarter and by going on a carbon diet to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are some practical ways you can take action at home:

Future Living Skills courses

Find out what practical steps you can take to make a real difference:

Be energy efficient

Being more efficient with you energy use will give you a warm, healthy home. Free, reliable and independent energy advice, together with financial support is available from:

Being energy wise is easy:

Grow your own food

Enjoy delicious fresh fruit and crisp vegetables grown at home:

Conserve water

Being waterwise means that you are making our precious water last by:

  • stopping drips
  • watering the garden only when necessary
  • only washing full loads
  • washing your car on your lawn with a bucket
  • choosing water efficient appliances, toilets and showers.

Reduce your rubbish

Reducing your rubbish is simple and is something that can involve the whole family.

Travel smarter

Get a warmer, drier, more comfortable home

A sustainable home is healthy, energy efficient and more affordable to run.  By improving your home's insulation, ventilation, and heating you can live a healthier, more comfortable home:

Shop wisely

When shopping, look for products that are good for you and the environment:

Clean your home without nasty chemicals

Cleaning your home without chemicals is better for you and need not cost the earth:

Be climate friendly

You can help to cool the climate by being energy efficient, reducing waste, shopping wisely and using your car less:

Did you know?

  • Over 400 Christchurch households have signed on to the Sustainable Living Programme where they learn how to enjoy life with less impact on the environment
  • Over 12,000 homes in Christchurch are now warm, dry and smoke-less due to the financial support of the Environment Canterbury's Clean Heat Programme
  • Saving water also saves energy. Pumping water to and from homes and businesses uses as much energy as powering all of the street lights in the City
  • There are over 50 green grocers and farmers markets throughout city selling fresh locally grown food
  • There are 30 Community Gardens in the city producing food and sharing ideas on gardening and composting
  • The three bin domestic kerbside collection service will help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill
  • Christchurch residents take 53,000 bus trips each day, a hassle-free and cost-effective way to reduce congestion, parking worries and vehicle emissions.