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September 5 2016

Coastal hazard information on the LIMs of properties in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula has been altered, to ensure the information recognises, and includes reference to, the recent peer review report completed by the expert panel appointed to review the Coastal Hazard Assessment Report, prepared by Tonkin & Taylor in 2015.

It has been made clear in the LIM notation that further work around coastal hazards is being done and that LIM notations may change in future as a result of that work.

One single notation has replaced the four earlier notations, and refers to a risk from coastal hazards, without being as specific about the extent of the risk, and not stipulate whether the risk comes from coastal erosion and/or inundation, as the notations had previously.

The Council is legally obliged to put on LIMs information it holds about any special features of the land, including potential natural hazards that might affect the land. It was confirmed in both the 2013 and 2015 High Court decisions in Weir v Kapiti Coast District Council that a Council has no discretion over including such information in its LIMs, only discretion in the wording that it uses.

The updated wording on LIMS is:

“The Council has a report (Coastal Hazard Assessment Stage Two Report 2015) that indicates this property or part of this property may be susceptible to coastal hazards. The Council obtained a peer review of the 2015 report (Peer Review of the Christchurch Coastal Hazard Assessment Report, 2016) that identifies some issues with the report and makes recommendations for further work to be completed by the Council. A copy of the 2015 report, the peer review report, and other coastal hazard information can be found at link).

The Council is carrying out further work as recommended in the peer review report to update the coastal hazard report. As a result the coastal hazard information recorded on the LIM for this property may change in the future."