Light up the City

An Enliven Places project is lighting up the city for winter. We asked you to get involved by submitting designs for one of our ten 'gobo' projectors. We also asked specialist lighting designers to develop an idea for an interactive lighting display.


Georgina Baddeley's woodcut Cathedral design

Open category design competition 

We received a number of great submissions in our open category.

Winning designs will receive a $100 central city voucher and will be projected onto footpaths and public spaces for everybody to see and enjoy from late July. Designs showcased what residents love about Christchurch.

Winners of the first round are: Georgina Baddeley, Shannon Bailey, Yuki Komiyama, Pippa Marshall, Harry Devon Southgate, Kyla Kuzniarski, Mackenzie Ngahere, Sethumi Wickramanayake, Mimi Matsumara and an anonymous poem entry. 

Specialist category design competition

An interactive lighting display that features nine spires which change colour as people move around them will be installed in central Christchurch.  

The Spire proposal was one of three designs the public were asked to vote on as part of the Light Up the City competition.  Spire is currently being created and will be installed in Cathedral Square from mid-July.

Location: Cathedral Square 

Specialist Design: Spire by Shades Arcade

Description: Enter a celestial circle of spires and interact with an impressive sky-high light installation.

Designed and delivered by: Shades Arcade (Carl Pavletich and Julieanne Eason)

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Specialist category timeline

Request for proposals

15 March to 12 April

The Council’s Enliven Places Programme is seeking proposals for the design and construction of one interactive lighting display to be located in the core of the Central City over the 2019 winter period. You will have just over four weeks to create your proposal. All details are outlined in the request for proposal document. 

Panel review

16 April to 18 April

All proposals will be evaluated by a review panel to ensure the proposal meets the design and evaluation criteria. The panel will select the top three designs in the specialist category for a Facebook vote. 

Public vote

29 April to 6 May

The top three designs from the specialist category will be posted on Facebook for public vote. The design with the most likes will be delivered. 

Winners announced

7 May to 10 May

The winning installation will be announced on Facebook. The Council will work with the designer to finalise the details of the installation. 

Building and installation

13 May to 28 June

The winning designer will have six weeks to build and install their installation.