Providing support to projects and events which help create activity and vibrancy in the red zone areas, ahead of longer-term regeneration. This includes the Ōtakaro Avon River Corridor, the Port Hills, Brooklands and Southshore.

Make an application to the Red Zones Transitional Use Fund

The fund aims to:

  • Strengthen the connection between the residential red zone land and adjacent communities.
  • Provide a range of recreational and other opportunities for Christchurch residents.
  • Improve the short and/or long-term environmental and ecological health of red zones land.
  • Create a stronger connection between ideas for residential red zone transitional use and the desires of local communities and other Christchurch residents.
  • Enable testing of new and innovative ideas.
  • Support any Regeneration Plans or planning for more permanent uses of residential red zone land.
  • Support a strategic view of the area through supporting connected, integrated,  collaborative and non-competing projects.

The fund covers new projects in the red zones and will generally not fund the same project multiple times or fund existing projects. However the fund may consider new aspects of ongoing projects.

Funds may be requested for operational costs and for materials needed to successfully deliver the project or event. Purchase of equipment and/or assets will not be funded.

This fund is open to individuals, community organisations and social enterprise.

Individuals applying for over $5,000 must be connected to a legally constituted entity.

Transitional projects can range from one-off events to medium-term projects of up to five years.

Applications can be made at any time throughout the year until funds are fully allocated via our online application form. (external link)

Processing time will depend on the amount applied for:

  • Applications for $20,000 or under will be heard by the Te Tira Kahikuhiku Red Zones Consultative Group.
  • Applications for more than $20,000 will be heard by the Christchurch City Council.

If successful, funds allocated must be spent within twelve months.

  • Retrospective costs incurred or settled before the agreed commencement date of the funding agreement.
  • Costs associated with fundraising.
  • Debt servicing or re-financing costs.
  • Stock or capital market investment.
  • Gambling or prize money.
  • Payment of any legal expenditure, including costs or expenditures related to mediation disputes or ACC, Employment Tribunal, Small Claims Tribunal, Professional or Disciplinary Body hearings.
  • Payment of fines, court costs, mediation costs, IRD penalties or retrospective tax payments.
  • Purchase of land and buildings.
  • Purchase of vehicles and any related ongoing maintenance, repair, overhead costs or road user charges.
  • Air travel, accommodation, hotel/motel expenses.
  • Purchase of alcohol.
  • Purchase of assets or equipment.
  • Activities or initiatives where the primary purpose is to promote religious ministry, political objectives, commercial or profit-oriented interests.
  • Projects that denigrate, exclude or offend parts of the community.
  • Projects aimed at solely providing commercial profit or individual gain.
  • Projects that present a hazard to the community or pose a significant risk to the public or the Council.
  • Medical or healthcare costs – including treatment and insurance fees.
  • Service and maintenance costs including utilities such as power and phone.
  • Fundraising, prize money or entrance fees.
  • Money that will be re-distributed as grant funding, sponsorship, donations, bequests, aid funding or aid to other recipients.
  • Entertainment costs or private social functions or catering.
  • Projects which have received other Council funding in the same financial year.
  • Projects that are considered to be the primary responsibility of the local or central government or another funding body.

If you receive a grant from the Christchurch City Council you are required to provide reporting. This is a condition of the Community grants terms and conditions [PDF, 30 KB] that you agreed to before receiving a grant.

You are required to spend the grant as per the resolution on the funding agreement. Any variation to this, not previously agreed to by the Christchurch City Council, will mean you will have to return the money.

The same applies if you have finished your project and have not spent all of the grants, you will be required to return the unspent money.

Future funding can be withheld if reporting requirements are not met.

What reporting is required

Eco Action Nursery Trust

School students from throughout Christchurch joining forces to help green the red-zone. Read more on Newsline(external link).

Name of Group Project Amount Received Date Granted
Eco-Action Nursery Trust Eco-Action Nursery and Revegetation Project $20,000 5/08/2020
Avon Otakaro Forest Park Inc Completing Brooker Avenue $12,410 7/10/2020
Life in Vacant Spaces Charitable Trust Memorial Garden $4,096 7/10/2020
Life in Vacant Spaces Charitable Trust East x East Games $10,000 4/11/2020
Dallington Residents Association Glenarm Gardens $2,200 2/12/2020
Greening the Rubble Trust Three Tree Platforms $19,663 2/12/2020
Richmond Community Garden Trust Garden of Curiosities $19,600 2/12/2020
Canine Neuro Park Trust Canine Neuro Park $5,700 3/02/2021
Avebury House Community Trust Heritage and Arts Trail (Year 2 of 2) $17,000 N/A
Avon Otakaro Forest Park Inc Ecological Restoration (Year 2 of 2) $16,250 N/A
Avon-Otakaro Incorporated Child Led Projects and 'Meet in the Middle' Event (Year 2 of 2) $27,500 N/A
Food Resilience Network Food Resilience Inititatives (Year 2 of 2) $16,250 N/A
Life in Vacant Spaces Charitable Trust Transformative Land Use in the Otakaro Avon River Corridor (Year 2 of 2) $2,500 N/A
Richmond Community Garden Trust Matariki in the Zone (Year 2 of 2) $2,500 N/A
Riverlution Tiny House Village Tiny House Initiatives (Year 2 of 2) $6,500 N/A
Watch this Space Trust Crossings and Container Mural $8,309 7/04/2021
The Barkery Christchurch Limited The Barkery $10,542 9/06/2021
Avon Otakaro Incorporated Children and young people engagement and facilitation - Whitau School Fun Zone Red Zone Project $19,500 7/07/2021
Eco-Action Nursery Trust Eco-Action Nursery School Program $61,400 28/07/2021
Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery Board of Trustees Climate Action Campus $19,908 14/09/2021
Richmond Community Garden Trust Riverlution Community Hub $18,896 14/10/2021
Red Zone Drone Racing Incorporated 2022 Drone Racing New Zealand Open $1,140 14/10/2021
Avon-Otakaro Incorporated Children and young people Engagement and Facilitation at Adventure Ave $5,254 14/10/2021
Avon Otakaro Forest Park Inc Developing Brooker Ave $13,635 14/10/2021