A list of other New Zealand funding options.

These sites can be accessed free of charge from Christchurch City Libraries(external link) until 31 August 2019. You can access these online resources at a community library or from home through the library website with your library card number and password/PIN(external link).

After 31 August you will need your own subscription to access givUS and givME.


givUS is the primary source of information in New Zealand about funding for community and voluntary sector organisations.

It holds information for over 1,200 schemes for community groups and organisations. The funding comes from government, local government, statutory trusts, local trusts, service organisations, corporate and philanthropic trusts.

givUS searches provide the best matches of funding based on criteria, along with closing dates, application requirements and contact details.


givMe is a database of over 4,000 Awards, scholarships and grants for individuals mainly in tertiary study, research, personal development, sport and artistic fields.

Like givUs, it includes comprehensive information in each record.