The Community Resilience Partnership Fund supports projects that strengthen communities by increasing community participation, connectedness and resilience.

The intention is that the fund will focus on innovative projects that will make a measurable difference within communities.

Community Resilience Partnership Fund criteria

The objectives of the fund are to invest in initiatives which contribute to community resilience through meeting the following criteria:

  • Build community connection and activation
  • Are community-led and build on existing community strengths and reflect local context
  • Strengthen the capacity and capability of communities
  • Create collaborative ways of working
  • Encourage innovation and creativity and encourage and enable social enterprise
  • Remove barriers to participation and resilience.

Note: Funding cannot be used for: specialised mental health services or services to individuals; universal health promotion activities that replicate the "All Right" campaign and projects that are considered to be the primary responsibility of a Council, a central government agency or another agency.

Submit a proposal

Organisations who wish to apply to the Community Resilience Partnership Fund are required to complete a two stage process.

The first stage is to submit a brief proposal. The proposal needs to include the following information:

  • A clear explanation of how your project aligns to the criteria of the Community Resilience Partnership Fund
  • The level of funding being requested
  • A project timeline and budget (including confirmation of any funds raised) 
  • Name and contact details for further information.
  • Attach a copy of your most recent annual accounts - if more than 12 months old also supply a recent financial update 

Successful proposals to the Community Resilience Partnership fund will then be invited on to a second stage for a more in-depth assessment.

Unsuccessful proposals may be declined or referred to more suitable sources of funding.

For more information or to submit a proposal please email