Edible Gardens are acknowledged in the Lyttelton and Mt Herbert areas of Banks Peninsula with the Edible Gardens Award.

Tomatoes plants in a garden

Enter/nominate a person or group

2017 Nomination/Entry form [PDF, 3.7 MB]

Nominations have now closed.

Completed entry forms can be posted or dropped into:
Amy Hart
Lyttelton Service Centre
15 London Street
PO Box 73027
Christchurch 8154

Or scanned and emailed to amy.hart@ccc.govt.nz.


  • residential house, bach or farmhouse
  • residential unit
  • school/early childhood centre
  • community.

Assessment Criteria

  • variety and range of plants
  • quality and general health of plants
  • freedom from pests/disorders/diseases
  • general presentation
  • absence of weeds, particularly noxious
  • innovation (use of available space)
  • use of walls, raised beds, containers
  • use of beneficials (flowers, herbs, companion planting)
  • design considerations
  • organic aspects (conversion of waste etc)
  • crop rotation, planning.

Assessment Panel

Assessments will be undertaken by members of the Canterbury Horticultural Society.

Conditions of entry

  1. Entry is free and open to any individual, group, or organisation within the Lyttelton and Mt Herbert area only.
  2. All entrants allow the organisers to publish their name and photographs in print and electronic media, including flyers and promotional material.
  3. Entrants grant the panel permission to enter their property for assessment at a mutually convenient time. Garden visits by the assessment panel will take place during the week commencing 27 February 2017. Gardeners are encouraged to be present to talk with the panel.
  4. The panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Entrants are invited to attend a ceremony to be held in early April.

Recognising edible gardens in the Lyttelton & Mt Herbert area

Fresh and nutritious food is being grown throughout our communities on Banks Peninsula. Gardens are found in schools, community gardens and private residence to name a few.

Exciting initiatives are happening, where young people are being introduced to localised food production and community resilience.

The Banks Peninsula Community Board wants to acknowledge all the wonderful work that takes place in gardens right across our wide and varied communities on the Peninsula.

The Edible Garden awards that were developed by the former Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board in association with the Canterbury Horticultural Society, aims to recognise all those who contribute to the wellbeing of their community by growing food and practicing community resilience.

We encourage you to nominate yourself, a friend or a group or someone in your neighbourhood.

This is not a competition it is a celebration of all the goodness that comes with growing food.

Christine Wilson 
Banks Peninsula Community Board Chair

Fresh Food from the garden is one of the worlds greatest treats. Nothing compares with it for freshness, flavour and colour. The Edible Gardens Awards are about sharing knowledge with each other, understanding different ways to grow our favourite and new foods and of course developing recipes to bring many foods together to make a nourishing meal.

The Canterbury Horticultural Society is very happy to be involved in this project set up by your Community Board. We look forward to meeting you all and sharing our ideas with you as well.

Let all of us continue to learn more about Fresh Food and Edible Gardens together and continue the tradition of Christchurch The Garden City.

Alan Jolliffe President
Canterbury Horticultural Society