Making the Central City a place that people want to come back to again and again is about creating a safe, positive and accessible experiences at any time of the day.

Grow the level of Central City activity during the day and into the night.

A great city environment, an ever-changing mix of retail and hospitality, as well as activity and events will all help to grow the Central City experience, making it a place people visit more often.

Growing the range of evening and night-time activities is an important factor in helping attract residents and, in particular, the young people who will be the lifeblood of our city’s economy. 

Ensure that people enjoy hassle-free access to the Central City and convenient, easy movement around it.

Easy access to the Central City and convenience in moving around it are important determinants of positive user experience. 

A number of factors contribute to ease of access to the Central City including the quality of streets and footpaths, location and frequency of public transport, availability of cycle facilities and car parks and information regarding getting around the Central City.

Ensure the Central City is safe and inclusive for people of different ages, cultures, abilities and diverse interests.

A diverse and inclusive Central City is an essential part of restoring civic pride within the wider city community. 

Central City needs to have something for everyone if it is to be “Our Central City” and a magnet for visitors.