These guides provide details on a range of resource consent types.

Design guide - Residential New Neighbourhood Zone

This guide is intended to assist landowners, developers and their consultants when planning and designing developments in the Residential New Neighbourhood (RNN) Zone. It provides advice on progressing a development proposal and examples of good practice and design solutions which meet the requirements of the District Plan. 

Residential New Neighbourhood Zone [PDF, 3.6 MB]

Design guide - Building Multi-unit Housing 

Provides urban design guidance for new residential development. It is aimed at developers, landowners, architects, designers and homeowners. The Residential Medium Density (RMD) Zone has replaced the Living 3 zone in the Christchurch District Plan. While the Building Multi-unit Housing design guide references the Living 3 zone provisions, the key design principles discussed and examples used in the design guide remain applicable to development in the RMD zone.

Building Multi-unit Housing [PDF, 1.8 MB] 

Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) Guidelines

Guidance for applicants on how to prepare an Integrated Transport Assessment [PDF, 1.3 MB], including what it is, why and when it is required, and a tool kit to assist applicants in developing an Integrated Transport Assessment for a proposed development.