The Streamlined Resource Consent Application Programme was established to provide applicants with a better, faster service.

Approved consultants are able to prepare and submit applications for certain types of resource consent on the applicant’s behalf.

The programme is particularly beneficial for regular applicants such as housing companies, medium density housing developers, and garage companies who lodge relatively straightforward applications on a regular basis.

It can also be a good option for applicants who are unfamiliar with the resource consent process and intend to engage a consultant to prepare their application. 

The streamlined process

The approved consultant prepares and submits the application in the Council report template format. The Council then undertakes an audit and peer review of the report and makes a decision on the application. 

Because the consultant does not have to prepare an application and the Council does not have to write a report, the process is streamlined by removing some components from the overall process. 

Normal application fees and charges apply, however, the overall processing costs are likely to be less due to the streamlining of the process. 


There are certain preconditions for an application to be accepted into the streamlined application process: 

  • The application must be able to be processed on a non-notified basis
  • Any necessary written approvals are provided when the application is lodged
  • No specialist input is needed to assess the application 
  • The application must not be large scale, complex or contentious.

A lodgement meeting is required to accept an application into the Streamlined Programme. The consultant meets with a senior planning staff member of the Council who checks the application for eligibility into the programme and for completeness. 

There may be variations allowed to the acceptance criteria depending on the application and the consultancy firm. Any variances will need to be confirmed when the consultancy firm is first approached to prepare the application. 

The Council reserves the right to not accept an application into the Streamlined Programme due to workloads, resourcing issues or the nature of the application. Acceptance into the programme should not be assumed until formal acceptance at the lodgement meeting. 

If certainty is required, a pre-application meeting should be arranged. Your consultant will be able to advise you further about this. 

List of approved consultants

The following consultancy firms or consultants have been approved by the Council to submit applications via the Streamline Programme.

How to apply to become an approved consultant

Requests to become an approved consultant must be submitted on this form: 

Application to become an approved consultant (streamlined programme) [PDF, 170 KB] also available in Word [DOC, 1.2 MB].