Land repair

The District Plan and regional rules allow most land repair work as a permitted activity. These steps outline the resource management and building consent requirements.

Property owners are encouraged to undertake land repair of earthquake damaged land.  It is important for the recovery of our city that we all contribute to the repair and rebuild of our individual properties. EQC is settling land damage claims, so property owners need to undertake and manage their own property’s land repairs. In some cases this is done as part of the repair or rebuild of the dwelling. 

The District Plan and regional rules allow most land repair work as a permitted activity, so a resource consent will not be needed for many properties.

If a resource consent is required, the Christchurch City Council (the Council) and Environment Canterbury (ECan) have worked together to develop a streamlined land repair resource consent process to help property owners. In some cases you may also need a building consent from the Christchurch City Council.

The role of the Council and ECan in the land repair process is to assist you with the resource consent and building consent processes, so please let us know if you have any questions.  For further information contact the Council on (03) 941 8999.

Please note:  We recommend that you contact your insurer and/or mortgage lender and seek advice from a land repair specialist prior to contacting us about the consenting requirements. 

Step 1: Identifying what repair works are needed

Confirm the extent and type of land repair works you will be carrying out on your property.

Step 2: Is a building consent needed?

You may, in some cases, require a building consent from the Christchurch City Council when undertaking your property’s land repair works.

Step 3: Is a resource consent needed?

Many property owners will be able to repair land on their property without a resource consent.

Step 4: Applying for resource consent

Resource consent is needed when land repair works do not comply with all of the rules within the City and regional plans.

Repair of land that may be contaminated

If your land repair work involves soil disturbance or your land is affected by hazardous substances there are important health considerations before you begin.

Land drainage issues

If you have springs or land drainage issues on your property you may need consent before installing a drainage system that connects to stormwater systems.

Land repair guides

Our guides cover a range of useful information about land repair on your property.