Mobile food carts need to be registered as Movable Food Premises (MFP) with the Council. This covers relocatable premises that are used for the preparation or handling of food for sale, or for the sale of food.

It includes:

  • movable stands,
  • mobile shops,
  • food caravans,
  • re-constructable premises, or
  • similar structures or vehicles.

Apply for Notice of Registration

Information about how to apply and the forms and fees.

Base facilities

Base facilities (if provided) used for the preparation, handling, pre-packing or storage of food for sale, or for the cleaning of equipment must comply with the First Schedule to the Food Hygiene Regulations.

This facility is covered by the MFP registration but must be approved and inspected by the Council EHO and must hold a separate Certificate of Inspection.

Household kitchens cannot be used as a base facility if they also continue to be used as the home kitchen.

Should this facility be shared by two or more businesses it must be cleaned and sanitised at the end of each operations use.