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Last reviewed: Mon, 17 May 2010

Dog parks

Max taking a drink at Horseshoe Lake Reserve.

Dog parks are fully fenced and are a great place to exercise dogs off their leash, allowing them to roam and interact with other dogs. Facilities provided may include pond and stream areas, water taps, agility courses, disposal bins for dog droppings, car parking and picnic tables.

Dog owners must:

  • Keep their dog under strict control by use of voice, sign or leash within the dog park.
  • Remove all dog faeces.
  • Keep their dog on a leash at all times outside of the dog park.

Any other conditions relating to individual areas will be signposted.

Dog park hours may vary dependent on summer and winter months. Check the individual park opening and closing times for more information.

We provide the following dog parks:

The Groynes, 160 Johns Road, Belfast

The Groynes is a securely fenced park with a number of different areas including spring fed streams, trees and open spaces and three agility courses. A BBQ and picnic area is also within the park, although dogs must be tied up in this area. Car parking available.

Horseshoe Lake Reserve, Horseshoe Lake Road, Shirley

Horseshoe Lake Reserve is a securely fenced park with agility course, trees and open spaces. Open all day with off road parking.

Radley Park, Cumnor Terrace and Riley Cresent, Woolston

Radley Park was the first known dog agility course in New Zealand. The park is unfenced offering six agility obstacles. Open all day.

The Styx Mill Conservation Reserve, Hussey Road, Harewood

The Styx Mill Conservation Reserve offers a securely fenced area with two small ponds, trees and open spaces. Off road parking and toilets available.

Victoria Park, Victoria Park Road, Cashmere

Victoria Park is situated to the left as you enter the park. It is a securely fenced area with rocky outcrops and grasslands. Water taps and disposal bins and car parking available.

Bexley Reserve, Pages Road, New Brighton

Securely fenced area more suitable for smaller dogs. Open all day with off road parking.

Rawhiti Domain, Shaw Ave, New Brighton

Securely fenced area with agility course and trees. Open all day with car parking.

Other dog friendly parks

You can  also take your dogs to the following parks:

Bottle Lake Forest Park, off Waitikiri Drive, Burwood

Bottle Lake Forest Park is not a designated dog park and is unfenced. It does however offer a large plantation area where owners can run or walk with their dog.

Haswell Quarry Park, off kennedy's Bush Road, Haswell

Halswell Quarry Park has a dog exercise area where dogs may be off their leash. This area is not a designated dog park however, and is unfenced. Dog owners should be aware of other park users, and keep their dogs under control at all times.

Fraiser standing on a bench at Horseshoe Lake Reserve.

Restrained and prohibited dog areas

There are areas within the Christchurch City area that have been designated restrained dog areas. This means owners can walk through these areas with their dog but it must be kept under control at all times by means of a leash.

There are also areas that have been designated as prohibited dog areas and entry to these areas with a dog is strictly prohibited. This includes Travis Wetland Nature Heritage Park, The Groynes (other than for the purpose of accessing the dog exercise area) and some of the scenic reserves in the Port Hills. The reason for this is to further encourage and protect the wildlife in these areas.

Restrained and prohibited dog areas


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Last reviewed: Monday, 17 May 2010

Next review: Wednesday, 17 November 2010

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