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Last reviewed: Wed, 02 Nov 2011

Frequently asked questions

Where is the new Civic Building located?

It is at 53 Hereford Street, in the former New Zealand Post building opposite the Central Police Station. The building can also be accessed off Worcester Boulevard.

Why did Council need a new Civic Building?

Council staff had been operating from five different locations throughout the Central City for some years because the former Civic Offices in Tuam Street was inadequate to accommodate staff.

Are Council staff working in the Civic Offices following the earthquakes?

The building closed after the February earthquake to allow repairs to be made and engineering reviews conducted. Some staff began work in the building for the first time since the February earthquake on 31 October. The remainder of staff will return in stages through to February 2012.

Is it safe for the public to visit the building after the earthquakes?

The Civic Offices re-opens to the public on Monday 14 November.

Engineering reports show there was no major structural damage to the building as a result of recent earthquakes.
The owners of the building – the Joint Venture between the Council and Ngai Tahu Property – commissioned Powell Fenwick Consultants to conduct a detailed engineering review of the building following the September, February and June earthquakes.

The Powell Fenwick report also included a peer review by Opus International Ltd.

The Council also commissioned engineering firm Beca to conduct an independent engineering review after the release of the Powell Fenwick report in August.

More information, including links to engineering reports, can be found here.

What should I do if there is an earthquake while I am visiting the Civic Offices?

Please remain calm and stay inside unless a life threatening situation develops. Take cover under a desk, door frame or similar structure and hold tight to whatever is available. Otherwise cover your head with your arms and crouch down beside an interior wall. Evacuate only when it is safe and do so via the nearest safe exit. Please follow the instructions of Council staff.

Where should I park when I visit the Civic Offices?

There is short term parking in surrounding streets. There are also a number of public car parks in nearby streets.

How much did it cost to redevelop the building?

The Council formed a joint venture partnership with Ngai Tahu Property Ltd to redevelop the building at a cost of $113 million. Each partner contributed 50 per cent or $56.5 million to the development.

What are the benefits of the site?
All Civic Office staff working within the central city are able to be located within the one building. This enables the Council to develop a more cost effective and efficient service to its customers.


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Last reviewed: Wednesday, 2 November 2011

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