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Journey times

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Sorted by greatest delay Current Usual Conditions
Bishopdale to CBD via Papanui Rd 11 mins 7 mins Major delay
Lincoln to CBD via Sthn Mwy 36 mins 18 mins Major delay
CBD to Bishopdale via Papanui Rd 12 mins 8 mins Major delay
St Martins to CBD via Waltham Rd 6 mins 4 mins Delay
Belfast to Pineacres via Nthn Mwy (SH1) 12 mins 9 mins Delay
CBD to Homebase via Hills Rd 7 mins 5 mins Delay
CBD to New Brighton via Pages Rd 11 mins 9 mins Delay
CBD to Lyttelton via Ferry Rd 15 mins 12 mins Delay
CBD to Lincoln via Sthn Mwy 24 mins 18 mins Delay
Chch Airport to Belfast via Johns Rd (SH1) 10 mins 8 mins Free flowing

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